The older I get, the more I appreciate ‘experiential gifts.’ Let’s be frank, we all have too much stuff. And if we are one of those lucky few who are able to achieve that minimalist lifestyle, then we definitely don’t want more stuff.

One of the best experiential gifts are spa visits; even better if they are involve some interesting twist. Spa visits are splurges, no matter how you dice it and the only time I don’t feel guilty going to one is when I am gifted with it.

Tomoko Japanese Spa in Beverly Hills is the ideal gift for a special someone who has everything, or may have seen everything but requires some R&R close to home. A japanese bath and massage followed by Sugar Fish Sushi, sign me up!



Prior to your choice of the treatment, The Ashiyu, Detox Foot Soak (15 min) begins to calm the tension of your feet and body, then a journey of peace and joy awaits you. We have Ofuro (Japanese natural bath (30 min) treatment along with the 60/80 minutes of  “Tomoko Massage” including the following: Private suite with private shower and tub,  sushi (from “Sugar Fish”), Organic Green tea and Japanese fine sweets via desert.
60/80/100 minutes +  15 minute Detox Foot Soak (Total 3-3.5 hours) – via

Price: $630/750/870 USD for two people.


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